About GAC

            The Evaluation of Food Consumption Research Group (GAC)  is based in School of Public Health at University of São Paulo (FSP/USP). The group develops projects by the guidance of PhD Dirce Maria Lobo and PhD Regina Mara Fisberg, nutricionists and FSP/USP professors , who are engaged in studies of: diagnostic techniques and methods in food and nutritional evaluation of population. 
            Besides professors, GAC is formed by postdoctorate, doctorate, master and scientific iniciation students and technical support from FSP/USP. They are involved in all stages of the projects: planning, field analyzes, production of theses, dissertations , articles and participation in events organized by the scientific community.

     Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission:
Creating scientific knowledge and training individuals in food consumption, contributing to clarify the relationship between diet and health, with the aim of guiding public policy.

  • Vision:
Being a productive, innovative, serious and ethical, respected research group  and it known nationally and internationally by the society and research groups.

  • Values:
Ethics: promote research and relationships that respect people.
Commitment: dedication and persistence in performing the work.
Collaboration: helping each other, sharing knowledge internally and externally to the group.
Quality: promoting quality research.