Dirce Maria Lobo Marchioni

Degree in Nutrition from the São Paulo University(1985), Master in Public Health from the São Paulo University  
(1999), PhD  in Public Health from the São Paulo University (2005), postdoctoral in São Paulo University, Oswaldo Cruz Fundation (2008) and Imperial College London (2013)  and professor in Public Health School - USP (2011). Is currently associated professor at the São Paulo University. She has experience in nutrition with emphasis on food consumption, manly in the following areas: food consumption, diet, dietary recommendations, food intake and case-control. 

Regina Mara Fisberg

Degree in Nutrition from the São Camilo University (1984), master in Biological Sciences from the São Paulo

University (1989), PhD of Biological Sciences from the São Paulo University (1994)  and

professor in Public Health, Public Health School - USP (2005). Is currently Associate Professor at the São Paulo 

University and board member of the Brazilian Society of Food and Nutrition. She was chairman of the Graduate

Commission in Public Health School - USP (2005-2011). Has experience in nutrition, with enphasis on

techniques and methods in food and nutritional evaluation of population, manly in the following topics:

nutritional epidemiology, food consumption, diet, diet variability and nutritional recommendations.